A Random Thought



By Lawrence Urban


Animal. Vegetable. Mineral.

These are the choices we get when categorizing anything, everything, on Earth.

We, the humans, are categorized as Animals. We build things, invent devices, cook our food, and so, consider ourselves superior to the other life forms on our planet.

But, aren’t we just animals living by our instincts?

Is there such a thing as sin? Can we, as humans, do wrong?

If a dog bites somebody, does it commit a sin? We may not like it. May have to put the dog to death. But that’s just society’s law. Would God send it to Hell?


So we break society’s laws

So what? Man’s laws don’t apply to God. Don’t you think He (She) (It?) would look inside your heart, divine your reason, and find you innocent?

When I was growing up one of my friends, Billy Watson, had a dog called ‘Lucky’, a wire-haired terrier, white with brown patches. One day we were walking down the street, through a neighborhood, when, as fate would have it, Lucky spotted a multi-colored cat in a yard.


A cat and dog encounter

As required, a chase ensued. The cat dashed under the front porch of a house through a small hole in the latticework. Undeterred, Lucky dove through in hot pursuit, leaving a much bigger hole behind him.

A terrible racket of dog snarls and barks, cat hisses and screeches issued from the darkened recesses the porch provided.

Hell of a fight going on.

A matter of seconds passed, when a lady in housecoat and slippers, hair in curlers, rushed out the front door onto the porch and started screaming.

“Muffin! Muffin! Somebody help!” She fixed wide eyes on Billy. “Do something!”

But what? They were out of reach.

Suddenly, silence. Apprehension held the three of us motionless.

A few more seconds of silence passed before Lucky came out from under the house.

It couldn’t have been worse.

He trotted, no, pranced, across the lawn with Muffin, limp and lifeless, clenched in his jaws. Halfway to Billy, he stopped, and as if to add emphasis to his deed, he shook Muffin vigorously, a calico blur of orange, white, and black, then finished his prance over to us.

Just to be sure, Lucky shook Muffin again before dropping the cat at Billy’s feet.

He looked up at Billy, his God, and wagged his tail, tongue lolling out of his blood-stained mouth.

Seemed to me as if he were smiling. Proud.

The lady wailed loudly from the porch, but what could Billy do? Amid the tragic encounter of cat and dog, who was to blame? Both only did what came natural to them.

So, Billy did what I think any God would do. He reached down and patted Lucky on the head and said, “Good boy, Lucky. Good boy.”


Lawrence Urban

Author Lawrence Urban is a writer living in New Mexico, Lawrence is a retired government employee who is a Southwest Writers Guild contest winner.
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An Interview with Jen Rinaldi
by Kathleen Osborne


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Tolerance Anthology
Autumn-An Anthology
Spring-The Unexpected
Summer-When Doors Open
Summer-When Doors Open

Our most recent release

It’s hard to believe, after all our hard work, Deceit, our sixth book, is available to you in e-book and paperback.

AND… We have completed the Seasons Series with the release of our last book, Summer—When Doors Open. Our current book release is similar to our very first anthology, Tolerance. Our new collection is called Deceit. It contains ten stories for you to enjoy and was released in November.

Deceit… Our lives are full of deceit, from the little white lie a person might tell to a lie of omission to the world by its leaders spouting untruths. Deceit can come packaged as protection yet is actually deception meant to harm another. Countries involved in covert to overt manipulation attempting to change their status or political influence are seen every day, revealed by the press, bloggers, social influencers.

The thing is, can you trust them ? It’s the little things each of us do that prove out as either intentional, or not–how you can tell the difference?

Let the Transcendent Authors fifth book unravel deceit in its many forms.

Kathleen Osborne

Kathleen Osborne

DECEIT is here!!


Goodbye and Hello!

Have you ever had something happen that made you sad and, on the flip side, gave you great joy?

Today, I’m conflicted just like that.

It deeply saddened me that three of our regular authors have stepped back from contributing their stories to our anthologies.

L’Michele Bleu L’Eau recently became an alumna as she concentrates now solely on her mother’s memoir and her novel. Her bright smile and intuitive writing will be missed.

Kevin Urban has also become an alumnus and supports a family member with a medical situation. He continues to write his incredible horror short stories. We will miss the unique techniques he brought to the anthologies.

How many of you have enjoyed the dystopian works of Lyn Blair? Yes, she also is moving to alumna status. Her intriguing dystopian view added a dimension to the anthologies that no one can replace.

Each of the three alums is still part of us and is welcome to join our critique group. We have an open-door policy for all our emeritus authors.

On the other side of the coin, I am rejoicing and ask to join me as we welcome three authors to the group. The first is Dee Moreno. Dee was with us once before, and we are so grateful he is back as an author. He brings the insight of an actor stepping into a role and becoming the character. This coming month, we hope to have an interview with Dee on the website. We will check back to see when it gets posted.

We want to welcome Jen Rinaldi, a renowned artist and author. My interview with her and the video are now on our website. The training she has had is incredible. Please watch it and leave us your comments.

Our newest member is Claire-Dee Lim. She comes to us with a screenwriter background and a teacher. She loves to write short stories and loves to teach story structure and self-editing. An interview with her will soon be on the website. Please keep checking for it.

The Transcendent Authors group is diligently working on our next anthology for 2024, “Fate—And All That Jazz.”—to be launched in November.

That’s all for now… until next month.


Kathleen Osborne