About Our Transcendent Authors

Ten Writers Come Together for a Common Goal


In one of the most challenging and difficult years for our planet, ten transcendent authors from across the globe came together and formed a bond. As the world combatted threats, both overt and invisible, our group of authors sought ways to soothe the day-to-day weary reader with a bit of hope. With pen to paper, we authored stories about patience, compassion and understanding for all people. Our purpose gave birth to the first anthology, Tolerance. As a collection, it was an offering of peace and a call to move forward for a better tomorrow written in various genres with the same theme.


From there we went on to produce a series based on the seasons of the year and transition some new authors to the team, while others left our nest.


Currently, we are at work on our seventh book, Fate & All That Jazz for November 2024. We are excited that we continue to provide or readers with short stories that enliven their lives. We are also taking baby steps into the marketing world for our collections.




  • Narratives of hope.
  • Tales of pain.
  • Words to uplift.
  • Parables to inspire.
  • Love and tragedy.
  • Fantasy and fact.

You can help us; we need Beta and ARC readers. If you are following one, two or all ten authors, we value your opinion.


You are probably asking what Beta readers are and what does ARC mean…


A Beta reader, reads the book or short story to help the author to see if there are any problems with the storyline. It could be the main character started out as a blonde and ended as a brunette. Or there might be typos. Each author goes through their manuscript a minimum of three times before a Beta reader sees it, and prior to an editor checking it out.


By comparison, the ARC reader gets the finished product after the editing is done. And yes, if the writer and the editors miss a typo, we want to know. But the biggest purpose of ARC readers is to leave a review. Hopefully an extremely positive one, too.


If you are interested in taking on either one of these important roles of producing a quality book… or maybe both, please send us a message and will put you on a list. We’ll contact you within 2 to 3 days.


Come and be a vital part of Transcendent Authors.

Our Anthology Timeline 2024

We started Transcendent Authors in 2020, and have published six books so far: Tolerance, Autumn, Spring, Winter, Summer, and Deceit.

In 2024, the collective Transcendent Authors announced a new collection of short stories Fate and All That Jazz. Throughout the year, our group of inspired writers continue to work together, by bringing our readers inspiration, hope and joy.

Join our eclectic group of authors as we share our stories. You can learn more about each author and genre through our website.

Our Release Early November 2024


Our seventh anthology will be released early November 2024. All the authors are busy writing their story for it. We hope you will be just as excited as we are about it.

What we would like to do is ask our readers if they would like to be on our ARC (Advance Reader Copy) Team. You would be able to purchase a print copy of the book and leave a review on Amazon and any of the other sites we publish it on. Please contact us if you are interested, have questions, or just want more information… and we’ll get back to you in 2-3 days.


Romance / Love Stories

Thrillers / Mystery Stories


Sci-Fi and Fantasy