About Our Transcendent Authors

Ten Writers Come Together for a Common Goal

Our Anthology Timeline 2021

In one of the most challenging and difficult years for our planet, ten transcendent authors from across the globe came together and formed a bond. As the world combatted threats, both overt and invisible, our group of authors sought ways to soothe the day-to-day weary reader with a bit of hope. With pen to paper, we authored stories about patience, compassion and understanding for all people. Our purpose gave birth to the first anthology, Tolerance. As a collection, it was an offering of peace and a call to move forward for a better tomorrow written in various genres with the same theme.

In the fall, our following anthology, appropriately titled Autumn, was a celebration of the season when leaves change color and fall from trees, covering the ground with an array of color. During a time of harvest, temperatures cool and skies darken in anticipation of winter. Each author contributed perspectives of the season with warm, inviting stories to enjoy by the fireplace.

  • Narratives of hope.
  • Tales of pain.
  • Words to uplift.
  • Parables to inspire.
  • Love and tragedy.
  • Fantasy and fact.

Our Anthology Timeline 2022

This year, the collective Transcendent Authors announced a new collection of short stories beginning with a spring theme offering beauty, new beginnings, and resilience. Throughout the year, our group of inspired writers continue to work together, ushering in the new year and new season by bringing our readers inspiration, hope and joy.

Join our eclectic group of authors as we share our stories. You can learn more about each author and genre through our website.

Our Release on March 31, 2022

Spring—The Unexpected

Spring can give you something unexpected, and take you to a faraway place, peeking into the lives of a character, whether you have five minutes or an hour.

Experience life as if in someone else’s skin
Decide if ghosts are real or something else
See what it’s like to join another family
Whatever you do, read a story or two
Gather inspiration from a character

The Transcendent Authors came together and created the second volume of their Seasons series: Spring—The Unexpected. Inside are stories from different genres. Each author has provided two stories, one with a theme of spring and the other a story from their heart. Sit back, relax, and transcend into another world.



Romance / Love Stories

Thrillers / Mystery Stories


Sci-Fi and Fantasy