Dena Linn

Dena Linn

Author Dena Linn, raised in a West Coast commune and groomed to explore the world, decided young not to be one of those ‘California girls’ and only in her stories does she look back. Her passion is exploring the fragility of human nature. Her experiences give her voice the flavor of many cultures from Shanghai, China to Fanaka Kwara, Niger, and from Guanajuato, Mexico to Lillesand, Norway.

Dena’s short story, “The Problem Is” won first place and was published by, and she has published two stories in Autumn, An Anthology, ed. K. Osborne. Her additional stories and shorts can be found on her website She is writing her first novel: An Innocent Murder, that explores passions, mental struggles, and murder, to be published in 2023.

Autumn, An Anthology
“Hunt With Jack” Literary Fiction (Short Story)
“I’m Not Afraid ” Literary Fiction (Short Story)

Spring—The Unexpected
“Spring Rain” Literary Fiction (Short Story)
“Burning Out” Literary Fiction (Short Story)

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