Dena Linn

Dena Linn


Dena Linn, ex-urban, thriver, commune child, never one of ‘those girls.’ She’s obsessed with humans, not-so-humans, and all others as they discover and live through love, hate, loss, rage, heartbreak, and insanity. Her recent dark fiction publications include: “Get on Home,” published by Hawkshaw Press in their anthology Hard Boiled and Full of Sin, and “Frost,” published in TheChamberMagazine. Other stories are appearing in Down in the Dirt MagazineArielChart International Literary Journal, and her First-Place winner, “The Problem Is,” appears in Prompted, by Reedsy. She is a short story judge for She has published six short stories of literary fiction in anthologies produced by Transcendent Authors.

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Autumn, An Anthology
“Hunt With Jack” Literary Fiction (Short Story)
“I’m Not Afraid ” Literary Fiction (Short Story)

Spring—The Unexpected
“Spring Rain” Literary Fiction (Short Story)
“Burning Out” Literary Fiction (Short Story)


Winter—An End and a Promise
“Traditions” Romance and Horror (Short Story)
“Chasing the Northern Lights” Literary – Woman’s Fiction (Short Story)

Summer—When Doors Open.
“Watching for Now” – Contemporary Literary

“Deception in Diamonds”

Dena’s Short Story Teaser for Our Winter Anthology

Winter—An End and a Promise

“Traditions” A Horror/Romance Story

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