Dena Linn

Dena Linn

Dena Linn, an ex-urban thriver raised in a West Coast commune and groomed to explore the world, decided young not to be one of those ‘California girls’ and only in her stories does she look back. Her passion is exploring the fragility of human nature. Her stories delve into humans and those not-so-human as they discover and live through love and hate, loss and rage, insanity, and heartbreak. Living in different lands and melding into cultures from China to Texas to West Africa, and then from New York City to Mexico to Norway gives Dena’s stories zest from around the world. She won First-Place for the story: “The Problem Is” and was published by Her short story works have also appeared in Down in the Dirt Magazine and ArielChart International Literary Journal. Six additional short stories have been published in three anthologies produced by Transcendent Authors and available via Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and ebook platforms.

Autumn, An Anthology
“Hunt With Jack” Literary Fiction (Short Story)
“I’m Not Afraid ” Literary Fiction (Short Story)

Spring—The Unexpected
“Spring Rain” Literary Fiction (Short Story)
“Burning Out” Literary Fiction (Short Story)


Winter—An End and a Promise
“Traditions” Romance and Horror (Short Story)
“Chasing the Northern Lights” Literary – Woman’s Fiction (Short Story)

Dena’s Short Story Teaser for Our Winter Anthology

Winter—An End and a Promise

“Traditions” A Horror/Romance Story

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