Jonathan Byrd

Jonathan Byrd

Author Jonathan Byrd is a father of three daughters, and an optimist, some might say Micawber. He was born in Biloxi and never imagined living anywhere else. However, after leaving he never imagined moving back. The more he sees of the world the more he wants to see. Currently he lives in Fairhope, Alabama, the hidden jewel of the state. While his favorite genre to write in is science fiction, he has completed and is polishing Seafood Capital of the World, a historical fiction novel set in the Prohibition Era on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. When he isn’t writing he’s thinking about writing even if it looks like he’s doing something else—like work. He has an answer for everything, opinion on anything, and is quiet about nothing. Find more information about Jonathan, his novels/novellas, and his works in progress, on his website, or follow him on:

Twitter: @byrdmouse
Facebook: Jonathan Byrd
LinkedIn: Jonathan Byrd

Tolerance: A Collection of Short Stories
“Half Vast Or Time For Tolerance”
Sci-Fi (Short Story)

“Salvation Beach” Literary Fiction (Short Story)

Autumn, An Anthology
“And Then the Fall” Literary Fiction (Short Story)
“The Greatest Birthday Present Ever” Memoir (Short Story)

Spring—The Unexpected
“The Quilt” Literary Fiction (Short Story)
“The Thermostat” Literary Fiction (Short Story)


Winter—An End and a Promise
“Conspiracy” Film Noir (Short Story)
“Distance” Military Literary Fiction (Short Story)

Summer—When Doors Open
“Four Days of June” Historical Fiction

“Before the Last Battle” (Short Story)

Johnathan’s Short Story Teaser for Our Winter Anthology

Winter—An End and a Promise

“Conspiracy” A Film Noir Story

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Sci-Fi / Fantasy