L.K. Blair

Author L.K. Blair (or Lyn Blair) is an emerging author who writes in the speculative fiction genre: sci-fi fantasy, dystopian, apocalyptic, supernatural, paranormal and magical realism.

For over 15 years, she has flexed her creative muscles as a copywriter and web designer. In response to some tough personal challenges, storytelling became a new passion and cathartic outlet for her.

L.K. Blair’s stories open doors to other dimensions or universes where characters struggle with relationships, self-doubts or personality flaws that lead to conflicts. Yet, in each story a new insight or understanding arises from the story’s theme. The author loves stories that send messages where the “better angels of our nature” find a time of awakening.

She has written several short stories and is working on the last book in a trilogy. The three novels will be released at the same time. This year for the first time as a new member of Transcendent Authors, two short stories by L.K. Blair will appear in the Spring—The Unexpected, our spring anthology.

Journal: Never Goodbye

Short Stories:
“The Light and the Darkness,” Speculative Fiction, Supernatural
“The Spirit of Christmas,” Paranormal, Spiritual
“Guise of a Monster,” Fantasy, Short Fiction Break
“Solitary,” Speculative Fiction, ¬†Short Fiction Break

Spring: The Unexpected
“Eternal Spring” ¬†(Short Story) Sci Fi Fantasy /¬†Apocalyptic
“Nothing to Fear” (Short Story) Magical Realism

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Sci-Fi / Fantasy