L.K. Blair

Author L.K. Blair (or Lyn Blair) is an emerging author who writes in the speculative fiction genre: sci-fi fantasy, dystopian, apocalyptic, supernatural, paranormal and magical realism.

For over 15 years, she has flexed her creative muscles as a copywriter and web designer. In response to some tough personal challenges, storytelling became a new passion and cathartic outlet for her.

L.K. Blair’s stories open doors to other dimensions or universes where characters struggle with relationships, self-doubts or personality flaws that lead to conflicts. Yet, in each story a new insight or understanding arises from the story’s theme. The author loves stories that send messages where the “better angels of our nature” find a time of awakening.

She has written a number of short stories. Two of her short stories appeared in the Transcendent Authors’ publication Spring—The Unexpected,  and she has also contributed two short stories to the upcoming release Winter—An End and a Promise.

She is working on the last book in a trilogy. She is releasing one episode at a time from her first novel, Before Nova: Color Waves, Book I in the Nova series, on Kindle Vella.

Journal: Never Goodbye

Short Stories:
“The Light and the Darkness,” Speculative Fiction, Supernatural
“The Spirit of Christmas,” Paranormal, Spiritual
“Guise of a Monster,” Fantasy, Short Fiction Break
“Solitary,” Speculative Fiction,  Short Fiction Break


Spring: The Unexpected
“Eternal Spring”  (Short Story) Sci Fi Fantasy / Apocalyptic
“Nothing to Fear” (Short Story) Magical Realism

Winter— An End and a Promise
“EverWhite”  (Short Story) Science Fiction
“New Horizons Mind Control” (Short Story) Science Fiction

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L.K. Blair’s Short Story Teaser for Our Winter Anthology

Winter—An End and a Promise

“New Horizons Mind Renewal” A Sci Fi Story

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Sci-Fi / Fantasy