L’Michelle Bleu L’Eau

L’Michelle Bleu L’Eau, who has a professional corporate background and is a published author, creator, and mentor, composes flash fiction and short stories. A human or social problem affects the protagonists in her stories. By connecting her characters to the beauty of nature, her writing evokes emotions that help them reach their ultimate goal.

She writes blogs that pertain to techniques for self-healing and organization. Recent projects have focused on a novel that examines the search for acceptance of one’s culture, ethnicity, and voice after experiencing domestic violence. Some of her short stories have appeared in the Transcendent Authors Spring the Unexpected 2021 and Winter, An End and a Promise 2021 anthologies. L’Michelle has had other works featured in the Short Fiction Break Literary Magazine, The Blooming Box Autumn 2021 and Short Fiction Break Literary Magazine, Spring 2022, The Porcelain Doll.

 This year, L’Michelle’s short story entitled “Unlikely Friends” will appear in the Transcendent Authors last season anthology, Summer, When Doors Open being released May 2023. In the autumn, her short story “The Rambler,” will be presented in the anthology Deceit publication.

Ms. Bleu L’Eau has undertaken translating a handwritten manuscript of her late mother’s, found after her death. Because of physical challenges, L’Michelle has shared many of her stories through trailers. She uses her free time to teach writers creating their own trailers and offers mentorship to students in reading and writing.

Visit the transcendent website or michellebleuleau.com to learn more.

Spring—The Unexpected
“The Red Leaf”  (Short Story) Magical Realism
“The Legacy” (Short Story) Magical Realism

Winter—An End and a Promise
“The Yellow Pajamas”  (Short Story) Domestic Fiction
“The Gardener” (Short Story) Literary Fiction

Summer—When Doors Open
“Unlikely Friends” Contemporary, Literary, Women’s Fiction

“The Rambler” (Short Story)

Website: lmichellebleuleau.com

L’Michele’s Short Story Trailer for Our Summer Anthology

Summer—When Doors Open

“Unlikely Friends” Contemporary, Literary, Women’s Fiction

L’Michele’s Short Story Teaser for Our Winter Anthology

Winter—An End and a Promise

“The Yellow Pajamas” A Domestic FictionStory
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