Don't Forget to Do Self-Care



By Kathleen Osborne


This article is all about YOU!



From Halloween to New Year’s eve celebrations as adults we have been trained to care for others. Not ourselves. And rarely does one see someone pampering the caregiver of the family.

Oh, we might talk about, think, and dream about it… but when it comes down to it, nothing is done to help replenish their strength and spirit.

This article isn’t about those that should do something. No, this is about those—YOU—that should receive something from the ones you have cared for.



I can still picture my mother being so excited about getting a new blouse, and one of my older sisters admired it, said how much she would love to have one, too. My second sister followed suit. Now remember they didn’t ask for it, they admired it.



If your answer was that our mother thanked them, put the blouse away, and went about her daily chores—you were wrong. Our dear Mom only saw a way to bless her daughters. She gave this beautiful new blouse to them to share. Leaving her with blouses she had been wearing for a long time.

As a kid, I watched how this all panned out and was horrified when she gave it away. And, I must say my sisters were as shocked as I was. They did not want to take it. But Mom insisted. She may have loved it desperately, but it was more important for her daughters to have something they wanted—not needed—before she did anything for herself.

Giving is a wonderful emotional high. But there is a time when you must take priority. Once, my father took my mother shopping… a fancy place. He sat and had his choice of champagne, coffee, or water to enjoy while they took mom to the back with armfuls of dresses… and he picked one out for her. If I remember correctly, it was an ‘A’ frame style of dress in powder pink. It had a broch that glittered pinned at the center of its rounded neckline where a pleat began, causing the dress to sway drawing a man’s attention.

Mom didn’t know how to act in such a situation. She quietly said, “Thank you,” with a blush bursting over her cheeks that matched her dress, and her sky-blue eyes sparkle as if lit from within. They went out to dinner that night and danced till the wee hours of the next morning.

I said all that to show you, it shouldn’t take someone to force you to enjoy a little self-care. To pamper yourself. It isn’t evil to treat yourself. If you have ever flown on a commercial airline, part of the briefing before takeoff is, “If something happens to the air pressure in the cabin, an oxygen mask will drop down from the panel above your head, put it on. If you have children, put it on yourself first before assisting them.” They tell you so that you can survive to take care of them! And that is what self-care does. It re-energizes the care-giver to share their love and compassion.

Remember, you too need to be re-charged. And that means do something for yourself. Allow yourself to come into your own strength and power. You are unique and you (and others) need to recognize that.

Another part of self-care is allowing and graciously accepting compliments from others. How many times has someone told you how beautiful you are? It doesn’t matter who said it, or their age… it is and was their truth.

When we look into the mirror and think of that compliment, don’t you shake your head. The person staring back at you can’t be what they said… can it?

Each person sees with their eyes, not our own. I had a friend recently who was going to be traveling through an area that was under ‘Winter Watch.” I reminded him to let me know when he got home safely. He reacted with surprise to think I was old enough to be his mother. He looked at me in shock. His words were, “I don’t see you as that old. What I see is my friend.” Which surprised me, making me laugh inside.

Self-love is something we have to do again and again. And practicing it means embracing the highest highs and the lowest lows and not needing anyone else’s approval for the steps you take along the way.

The most important thing you can do is live your life for YOU, and no one else. Own your power. Change what you want to change. Be the ‘YOU,’ you want to be. You are unique. You are beautiful. And yes, you are worth it. Once you understand and act on this, you’ll be stronger and more powerful to do whatever you need or want.

If you are asking, what about giving to help others? It shouldn’t stop you from doing that. In fact, you’ll find you have increased your strength and power to do more. You cannot give out of an empty bucket.

If no one can help you replenish your bucket. Stop and do it yourself… WITH NO GUILT.

I would love to hear if this idea of self-care resonates with you and what you do to fill your bucket.





Kathleen Osborne


Kathleen served in the Air Force for over 20 years. Her writing covers several genres: Romance, Science Fiction, Alien Romance Sci-Fi, Comedy, Paranormal, and realism. She and her husband of 47 years, have two children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. They live in the White Mountains of northeastern Arizona with their two dogs; they call the girls – Sugar Pearl and Gigi Lynn.

She is the founder of an organized group of writers, Transcendent Authors. Together they write anthologies. Together they have produced and published six anthologies with the seventh due out November 2024. The current ones available are Tolerance: A Collection of Short Stories, Autumn-An Anthology, Spring: The Unexpected, Winter—An Ending and a Promise, Summer—When Doors Open, and Deceit. The next book is called ‘Fate.’

She can be reached at


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Autumn-An Anthology
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Summer-When Doors Open

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The thing is, can you trust them ? It’s the little things each of us do that prove out as either intentional, or not–how you can tell the difference?

Let the Transcendent Authors fifth book unravel deceit in its many forms.

Kathleen Osborne

Kathleen Osborne

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An End—A Beginning

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Which is why we are so excited about the anthology for 2024 is entitled, ‘Fate.’ And my hope is for all of us to see ‘fate’ working in all areas of our lives. This is something to be take hold of… allowing it to guide us to be the best that we can be.

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