In Media Res

By L.K. Blair In Media Res Jumping into the action In media res is a Latin expression that means “in the middle of things” or “in the midst of things.” My husband, who walks and talks in his sleep (and has done so since a young boy), unwittingly applies...

What Changed Me?

By Kathleen Osborne What Changed Me? WOW. Can you believe how fast time flies? Just last year, I began working in a local market selling my books. It changed me. Have you found when you get involved with someone or something new, you’re not the same afterwards? Let me...

A Storyteller’s Aha Moment

By L'Michelle Bleu L'Eau Have you ever had an insight? As a storyteller, earlier this year I experienced one. It occurred while watching the Grammy Awards and the Super Bowl. You might wonder why what I saw inspired me. Both shows lured potential viewers with...

How to Dream to Creativity

by Dena Linn Use your dreams to spark your creativity. A painting, print or sculpture, symbols, and words, all these can stop you dead in the tracks of life, requiring that you to ponder for that second on the meaning or lack thereof. Was it a simple crazy idea...

The Mind, Body, Spirit Connect for Writers

The Mind, Body, Spirit Connect for Writers By Kevin Urban We’ve all heard about the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. Being a writer, I have realized this connection having greater importance in my life. One way the mind and spirit are expressed is through writing. I...

Welcome to Our First Newsletter!

Welcome to Our First Newsletter! Authors and families have a lot in common By Kathleen Osborne Is the end of 2022 coming too fast? Are you concerned as 2023 approaches? Do you have a game plan for the new year? When the new year arrives, your family faces some heavy...

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