Promoting Outside the Book

Promoting Outside the Book

Promoting Outside the Book


By Matt Robinson

When it comes to engaging audiences, think BIG

When I was young, my father used to take me to visit the campus at Brown University, where he had been a student. During most of these visits, we would end up at an Ivy League football game. Though I would later find out that Ivy League football had quite a proud tradition, the games were often not that intriguing. As a result, I ended up becoming enamored with the Brown mascot, a bear named “Bruno.” As the identity of the student inside was hidden by the giant head of the bear, Bruno was completely free to do whatever it wanted wherever it wanted. This unmitigated freedom was appealing to me, and I would come to suggest that my goal in life was to become the Brown Bear.

Though that dream was never fulfilled, Bruno would help me achieve my goal of publishing a book. Unfortunately, the impetus for doing so was not so happy.

As I had made my career as a freelance writer, I prioritized fulfilling my editors’ assignments on time over doing projects for myself. As a result, I did not begin working on a book in ernest, until my father was diagnosed with dementia. As I wanted to compose a book that would not only be interesting to people, but would allow me to honor my father. I chose to write about Bruno and his colleagues in the other Ivy League schools. The result is Lions, Tigers, and…Bulldogs? An unofficial guide to the legends and lore of the Ivy League.

While I realized that the book would have a niche audience, it was still frustrating when I was unable to connect with many of the students and alumni who I knew had ties to these historic schools. And while I have been able to find more members of this audience in the years, since the book came out, I have also been encouraged to look elsewhere for readers and supporters. Therefore, in addition to presenting and sharing the book at alumni organizations, and Ivy League schools, bookstores (some of which are still yet to invite me to sell the book at their venues), I have also brought it to other bookstores, libraries, schools, senior communities, and any other venue that will host me. I have also created a television show called “The Writer’s Block” where I interview other authors that is “sponsored” by my book as a means of promoting it as well.

The Ivy League schools are among the oldest in the country and have had thousands and thousands of affiliated students and staff. Many history buffs are also interested in their stories and I love it when alumni recall their own stories of Ivy life! Especially as I am also a teacher, I am proud to say that my book has also been able to help inspire students to apply to these and other schools and apparently to gain admission in some cases.

So while the book may not have become the smash bestseller that every first time author hopes for, it has allowed me to not only honor my father and learn about the special schools, but also connect with an even wider audience than I might first have imagined. In this way, it has taught me that when seeking an audience, don’t be laser focused, but be willing to maintain a broader view.


Matt Robinson


Matt Robinson has been a professional writer, editor, and educator for over 30 years, in which time he has published thousands of pieces all over the world and helped hundreds of students prepare for their own careers.

Currently, Matt is teaching writing and entrepreneurial courses at the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office, interviewing area authors on his syndicated talk show “The Writers’ Block,” contributing food-related pieces to WBZ/iHeart radio, writing for and about various schools and community-service organizations, and teaching boxing.

Matt is also the author of Lions, Tigers, and…Bulldogs? An unofficial guide to the legends and lore of the Ivy League and is currently working on a book about percussion and world culture.

Matt can be reached at Please say “Transcendent Authors sent me” in the subject line so Matt can respond as quickly as possible.


An Interview with Matt Robinson
by Kathleen Osborne


We hope you enjoy hearing a more about each of our authors.





Each of the writers, current and alumni, who are part of Transcendent Authors are moving up the ladder[AL1] to their pinnacle of achievement. This is why we are now inviting other authors, also transcending in their careers to share an article in our newsletter. We are also including an interview for a deeper look into their lives, so you can see from whence they came to where they are today.

This is done as an encouragement to all who read it.

You see, it really doesn’t matter what they are working to achieve or grow into. What is important is that they are moving toward it—one step toward a story or baked goodies or interview, etc. You cannot be ‘transcendent’ lest you are moving.

Yes, you might feel your movements are as fast as a sloth or snail. The thing is you are moving forward.

Our guest writer this month is Matt Robinson. I met him through, a business networking group. With one glance at his bio, I knew he would be perfect for this. He has risen higher and higher in his career, where he has found a balance for his business and family life, something many still struggle with. Matt has set rules for himself that have helped him transcend those steps to where he headed.

Yes, he had some setbacks. We all do, just like a baby who is learning to walk, they fall, they get back up and try it again. They’ve learned those little ‘boo-boo’s’ they received from hitting the floor, are cured with a kiss followed by a tender hug.

I hope you enjoyed his article and the interview. I invite you to reach out and contact him. Let him know what you think of his article. I know he would appreciate it.

We would also like to hear from you, let us know what your thoughts are of this idea of guests sharing in our newsletter. And please tell us of some people you feel would make an ideal participant. Someone who is transcending. Don’t forget to look in the mirror…. It could even be you!

Until next month….

Kathleen Osborne

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Kathleen Osborne

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