By Kathleen Osborne

What Changed Me?

WOW. Can you believe how fast time flies? Just last year, I began working in a local market selling my books. It changed me.

Have you found when you get involved with someone or something new, you’re not the same afterwards?

Let me share how an invitation made such a difference in my life, but first a little background…

My last career was making designer and custom dog clothing, for very tiny teacups to giant dogs. I had to retire from that because of tears in the rotator cuffs of both shoulders. In addition, my best friend’s husband and I made dehydrated doggie treats to sell. Those injuries ended that career.

Then last year I got invited to sell the Transcendent Author anthologies and anything else I authored at The Locals Market, and I wouldn’t have to tote a lot of things. I found there were other things I could sell, too. Within months, I started baking (I love to bake) and added that to my new business venture.

This year I am selling the anthologies I’ve written with the rest of the Transcendent Authors and baked goods. The big difference is I’m using the market as a tool to build friendships with my customers.

Being a vendor at the market requires focused action just as my writing does. I’m training myself to focus on one thing at a time.

Don’t laugh… Yes, I’m still doing two things, baking, and writing—but I set aside certain days of the week to do my baking. Yep, I scheduled a specific time for it.

For someone who normally does everything by the seat of her pants (in the writing community we are called pantsers), this is a real challenge, which is helping me stick to my plans for the novels I am writing.

I am so grateful for the changes I’ve made in the past year; it is giving me a life with balance.

Tell me what you were doing a year ago. And compare it today. Have you changed in any way? Have you learned something new about yourself?

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Kathleen Osborne


Kathleen Osborne

Kathleen lives in the White Mountains of Arizona with her husband of 47 years, Robert. They have two children, five grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and two dogs. Kathleen has always dreamed of being an author. She currently has two novels that are scheduled for release by the end of 2023, and two in the “pipeline.” Her dream of becoming a fiction writer came true in 2020. She became an author in the same year she founded the authors’ anthology group. Since then, Kathleen has produced and published four anthologies, Tolerance—A collection of Short Stories, Autumn—An Anthology, Spring—The Unexpected, and Winter—The End and a Promise with nine other authors. The fifth and the last book in the Seasons series, Summer—When Doors Open, will come out May 30th of 2023.

The authors’ anthology group is called the Transcendent Authors.

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